About Us

Who is DivineInspiration? 

I’m a twenty-something female from the once great kingdom of Denmark – you know, the place with the Vikings, the beer, and the Legos. Or is it the place with the pastry, the butter, and the bacon? I forget. Wind mills! We definitely have those, too. And remember Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”? Yes, that one. I apologize on behalf of my country. We’ll make it up to you somehow.

Anyhoodles. I’m a writer who was forced into the whole Twilight business by a friend, who remains my friend only because she sometimes sends me delicious Australian wine and Cadbury chocolate. I swam around the mighty Twific sea for a while until I found my piece of dry land in the form of shelikesthesound. She’s the peanut butter to my jelly. The e to my mail. The Rusty to my Chief. It was love at first story collaboration.

Want to know more? Find me on Twitter. My own stories are located on FF'n.



Who is shelikesthesound?

I’m a thirty-something wife and mother who was probably never supposed to become obsessed with Twilight, but it happened anyway. My husband gets all the credit, or fault, for inadvertently exposing me to the world of Stephenie Meyer’s creations. I’m pretty sure he’s kicking himself for it now.

I’m an American, and I live in the great state of Indiana—home of guns, God, and corn. Lots and lots of corn. For some reason, instead of having a decent nickname like a Texan or a Michigander, we got stuck with being called Hoosiers. Yeah, we have no idea what it means, either.

I came late to the party and didn’t have the guts to write until last Fall. But I’m glad I did, because I found my better half, should-have-been-sister, and Jenny to my Forrest Gump in DivineInspiration. She’s the one with the ideas, and I’m just the one that twists them. Or destroys them. Whatever.

I pretty much live on Twitter, so you can find me there. My stories are posted on FF’n, The Writer’s Coffee Shop, Twilighted, and TwiWrite.